Big Week for Cookeville

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Winston Churchill once said:

“Excellence is… caring more than others think is wise; risking more than others think is safe; dreaming more than others think is practical; expecting more than others think is possible.”

The local primary/general elections were held last week and a number of local leaders, all striving for excellence, threw themselves into the painful political process. Some were rewarded and others were not. In the week before the election, we held a Candidate Forum that was an unprecedented success with over 75 in attendance. Hopefully, it was beneficial for our members and friends who were present to get to interact with a large number of candidates from several races in an informal environment. We truly appreciate all the candidates who attended and wish them the very best (both those who won as well as those who didn’t) in the days ahead. Most of all, our hats are off too all of you who showed the willingness and desire to serve our community. I can’t imagine you would do it for the pay!

An even bigger event occurred the morning after the election when Academy Sports and Outdoor made it official that they were coming to Cookeville. They plan to build a 1.6 million square feet fulfillment center and bring a minimum of 700 new jobs to our area. We’ve known we were in the running for this project for quite a while but most didn’t know any details. A big thank you to all of the city, county, and state officials who made this happen for our area. Kudos as well, to all of us who stifled our natural tendency to want to gossip and speculate and risk loosing the project due to the company’s competition getting wind of it! Everyone give yourself a pat on the back. By the way, this announcement also means that our fifth interchange will be accelerated!

Folks, this really could be one of the components that helps our community reach a tipping point that will mean quality of life improvement for many in this area. The announcement of a major company locating a logistics oriented operation here, along with strides being made by Dr. Oldham and TTU, the continued success of our medical community, and expanding cultural opportunities are the types of things that attract more companies and families to our area. In fact, there are already some other potential projects in the works. Winning begets winning!

Thanks and let’s continue asking what we can do for our county…I mean country…I mean world.

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