Congressman Diane Black- Session Update

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We had an excellent crowd for our session with Congressman Diane Black. If you
weren’t able to be with us, you missed a very informative session. Given
Congressman Black’s positions on the Ways and Means and Budget committees, we
were provided with some unique insight into the current tone in Washington.
Probably the most interesting part of the conversation was the potential for
significant tax reform both personal and corporate. In fact, Congressman Black
shared with us that the Ways and Means committee has actually hammered out the
language for both personal and corporate tax reform. This language would make
the code much simpler, more fair, and generally easier to contend with.  Their
goal is to generally lower the rate and allow 85 to 90% of taxpayers to actually
file on one page while being revenue neutral.  The corporate draft has already been put out for review. It lowers the top right to bring United States into line with other developed countries.

Another portion of the discussion was dedicated to addressing our $17 trillion
debt and ongoing budget deficits. She shared that two thirds of the budget is
dedicated to mandatory spending, particularly Social Security and Medicare.
Medicare itself began with approximately nine contributors for every consumer
in 1965. Today there are approximately three contributors for every consumer.
The system is also contending with much longer life expectancy than in the past. Any
real attempt to address a reduction of the natural national debt will have to
start without run and run away mandatory spending within the budget.

These issues were just some of the topics Congressman Black touched on during our evening together.  To stay up to date on the latest news and events concerning Congressman Black, visit her website for more information.  Most recently, she has discussed the House passage of the G. I. Bill Tuition Fairness Act and the local annoucement of Beretta to build a new R&D manuafacturing facility in Middle Tennessee.

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to host Congressman Black and look forward to hearing from her again at a future Save the World session.

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