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It was another productive week at Save the World, as we continued our ongoing discussion regarding the Highlands Initiative III.  At our last session we heard from Arty Allen, CEO of Live Oak Community Development, who shared with us the goals of the initiative and the strategic process to attaining economic growth in the community.  This session, we took a step further, and openly discuss how our group can specifically take action towards making the Highlands Initiative III a success.

Our conversation remained focused on the specific issue of how we can attract new industry to the area.  It was stated that 40% of engineers in the state of TN, graduate from Tennessee Tech.  There is no doubt TTU provides our region with a high level of engineering graduates, but how do we attract new businesses that will keep them local?  It was agreed, there must be a thriving job market that will specifically attract and retain this higher per capita income group to the region.  This would be a strong first step to boosting the economic development in the community.

We heard from George Halford, President of the Cookeville Chamber of Commerce.  He updated us on the future of the initiative and remains very optimistic that we are headed in the right direction.  He continues to be extremely impressed with the commitment from TTU and their desire to help facilitate growth in our area. It is imperative we continue to capitalize on our strengths such as TTU and CRMC to help us move forward.

The Highlands Initiative III will be successful if we remain specific and focused on the steps we must take to initiate change.  The community needs to remain informed and as Joe Albrecht  said, “we must always be telling our story.”  It was discussed, there needs to be a strong relationship with our local media, to ensure the community and those outside of it, are aware of the steps that are being taken to develop this initiative. The Cookeville Chamber continues to provide excellent tourism and marketing resources to illustrate the quality of life that is offered to those who choose to visit or make this region their home.

Please feel free to comment below or email us at with any suggestions or ideas that can help us better our community and the success of the Highlands Initiative III.

Our next session will resume on Wednesday, August 14th -5:00pm at the Progressive Financial Center in Cookeville.  Hope to see you there!

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